NVidia is Hiring!! Graphics/GPU/CPU爱好者看过来

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NVidia is Hiring!! Graphics/GPU/CPU爱好者看过来

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1.Developer Technology Engineer
Work with some of the most talented cutting-edge developers throughout the world. Interact closely with the architecture and driver teams at NVIDIA in ensuring the best possible experience on current generation hardware, and on determining trends and features for next generation architectures. Play with the latest GPU technology to develop new techniques using GPUs, create technical demos, write whitepapers and present your work at conferences. Collaborate with developers on 3D rendering effects and optimizations for specific applications.
Requirements :
• Strong knowledge of 3D graphics and GPU technologies, including shaders, shading languages, and rendering techniques.
• Master in DirectX or OpenGL development.
• Experience in game development or game related products.
• Strong knowledge of C++ and programming techniques is a plus.
• Understanding of GPU architectures is a plus.
• Good communication skills are required.
• Travel for on-site visits with developers and to conferences will be required.

2. Senior GPU Performance Architect
• The NVIDIA Architecture group is looking for world class programmers to develop the core infrastructure for performance analysis, debugging, and tuning of large scale general purpose Graphics chips. This Python and C++ infrastructure provides insights to our architects, driver developers, and Developer Relations teams for delivering the most polished and performant gaming experience.
• A key part of NVIDIA’s strength is our proprietary internal tools for the visualization, analysis, and debug and verification of tests and applications on various functional and performance simulations of future chips. We are continuously pushing the envelope and needing ever more sophisticated tools to enable the next generation of chips. These tools are used by hundreds of engineers worldwide.
• In this role you will play a critical part in every stage of both the development and post-production tuning of a graphics chip for the most modern games. You will work closely with other project members and users to deliver a suite of analysis tools that especially targets the unique properties of next generation graphics APIs. You will become a customer of your own tools and learn to tune the performance of the most advanced GPUs in the world. You will learn and greatly improve the daily workflows of the world’s top chip modelers and designers.
Requirements :
• Strong C++ and Python programming capability required (experience with STL and/or boost a plus).
• Solid background in mathematics, algorithms and data structures required.
• Experience in real time 3D rendering or ray tracing, including DirectX or OpenGL API.
• Knowledge of next generation Graphics API’s(DX12/Vulkan) a plus.
• Experience in developing web-based user interfaces and applications, by using Java & JavaScript or PHP.
• Knowledge of best practices for data visualization a plus.
• A strong team player; self-motivated and good attitude is a must.

3. Senior Graphics Engineer
The candidate will work directly with customer to provide deep technical assistance in integrating NVIDIA Tegra products into customer platforms, including understanding customer requirement, developing SDK, optimizing performance and solving the issues. The candidate will has good opportunity to work on leading-edge technology for different exciting area, such as IVA, VR, etc.

A successful candidate should be able to work independently and highly self-motivated. He or she should drive issues with little or no supervision. A key success for this position is not only a thorough understanding of NVIDIA hardware and software, but a solid grasp of customer system design, use case requirements and software stacks. Excellent communication skills, flexible in task assignments and working under pressures are also indispensable for this candidate.
What we need to see:
• Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Master degree is preferred
• Good English language skills to work effectively with global development and support team
• Full experience at Linux or Android
• Excellent C++ skills
• Excellent debugging and problem solving skills
• Experience working on embedded systems and ARM processor specific
• Self managing and ability to break down complex problems in to manageable tasks.
• Prior experience in one of following software developments is mandatory:
• OpenGL ES/EGL/SurfaceFlinger/HWComposer
• Experience with display driver is a plus

4.GPU Profiling Engineer
The NVIDIA Developer Tools team is seeking a senior software developer to join our effort to advance the state of graphics performance analysis and tuning. The successful candidate will apply knowledge of graphics programming models and graphics architecture to create tools that provide actionable feedback to graphics developers. The candidate should be comfortable working in existing driver code and application code as well as writing new shared libraries and targeted GPU performance tests. The focus of this position is to work on tools support for our Mobile, Automotive and Embedded platforms.
- Work with tools, architecture and driver teams to design, implement, and verify new performance metrics and collection methods for Tegra GPUs.
- Develop new tools for Tegra SoC running Android, Linux, and other embedded operating systems.
- BSEE/CS or equivalent with 4+ years of experience.
- Strong programming ability in C, C++, and scripting languages.
- Knowledge of OpenGL, OpenGL ES, DirectX, or console graphics API.
- CUDA or OpenCL
- Driver experience
- Good understanding of embedded environments such as embedded Linux, Android, or a real-time OS.

5. Mobile Graphics Tools Software Engineer
The successful Mobile Graphics Tools Software Engineer will work with the NVIDIA Mobile Graphics Tools team to harness the power of Tegra GPU for developers worldwide.
- Strong C++ and C skills
- Good understanding of OOP
- Advanced knowledge of GPU architecture or experience with GPU performance tuning is a big plus
- Excellent communication and presentation skills.
- Ability to cooperate with global team in task driven orientation.
- OpenGL and/or Direct3D experience, as well as 3D graphics experience, is helpful
- Mobile/Embedded graphics driver experience is a big plus.

6. GPU Software Engineer
We are now looking for a software engineer to join our effort to advance the state of graphics and compute performance analysis and tuning. You will help developers of cutting edge products in Automotive, VR, Gaming, Deep Learning and High Performance Computing to analyze and improve the performance of their products. You will have the opportunity to learn the pipeline and driver stack of the world's most advanced GPUs, work with a group of talented engineers from all over the world, and apply your software development skills to improve our products.
What you’ll be doing:
• Write unit and integration tests to verify the functionality, performance, stability, resource usage of our products.
• Develop algorithms to exercise various parts of the GPU pipeline to verify our performance metrics.
• Work with QA engineers to automate the tests with the test framework.
• Troubleshoot issues and fix bugs.

What we need to see:
•  BS in Computer Science or experience in related technical area. Outstanding new college graduates are also welcomed.
•  Proficiency in C/C++, object oriented programming.
•  Proficiency in written and spoken English.

Ways to stand out from the crowd:
• OpenGL, GLES, Direct3D, Vulkan, CUDA, OpenCL, console graphics APIs.
• Experience of driver development.
• Experience of any other performance tools of computer systems.
• Experience of software development for embedded systems.

7. GPU Graphics Architect
What you’ll be doing:
• Investigate and study state-of-the-art real-time rendering techniques and the efficient support from GPU.
• Investigate and propose GPU graphics architecture ideas to improve performance based on quantitative study of existing and projected architectures.
• Develop performance simulation models and simulation infrastructure.
• Develop performance testplan and tests for new graphics units and architectural features.
• Test and debug on simulators, RTL and real silicon.

What we need to see:
• Solid knowledge of computer science, with the focus on computer graphics and/or computer architecture.
• Good understanding of GPU concept and pipeline, in terms of graphics processing and parallel computing.
• Good mastery of C++ language and at least 5 years of C/C++ development experience.
• BSEE, BSCSE, or equivalent required. MS or PhD is a plus.

Ways to stand out from the crowd:
• Good understanding of state-of-the-art rendering techniques and their usage of GPU.
• Experience of performance modelling, profiling and analysis is a plus.
• Experience with trace-driven and execution-driven simulation model development is a plus.
• Candidates with experience of GPU graphics unit design and/or RTL module development are preferred.


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